Head to Toe part 3: Beards and how to keep them looking legendary

It's time to take a step down and move from the scalp to the beard. This Head to Toe post will touch on some classic looks, maintenance tips, and our favourite products to use. Don't have facial hair? Maybe we'll convince you to give it a try!  

How to rock facial hair 

While there are seemingly limitless ways to groom a beard, we'll save you the hassle and stick with the tried-and-true classics for this list.  

The work appropriate beard 

While beards are being seen more and more in the office, there's still a stigma surrounding their work place appropriatenessUnfortunately for our sparse beard-growers out there, this look probably isn't well-suited for you as it typically works best with a full and even baseTo maintain this look you'll need to keep the neck and cheek line tidy. Add a taper or fade on sides for a trendier look and voila – you're rocking the beard of a successful businessman 

work appropriate beard

The thin beard 

Somewhere between a 5 o' clock shadow and the short-length beard, we've got the thin beard. It's perfect for adding a touch of maturity and class to your look. We didn't forget about our thin facial hair fellows out there – this look was made just for you! All you need to do is let it grow out a tad and do a bit of maintenance here and there. If you have thicker facial hair, you'll need to experiment with letting your bear grow for a couple days and then thinning it out with a trimmer. This look is simple and keeps your face looking fresh and light. 

thin beard

Mountain man 

 We're talking big beards. These take quite a bit of maintenance and a longer time to get going, but the reward can be oh so sweet! Maybe you've actually come back from a 6 month hiking trip in the mountains or you really want to hide the fact that you look 15 when you're clean shaven. Whatever the purpose, this beard serves all.  

mountain man

Clean shaven 

We'd be rude to not include this one. Sometimes the best look for beards is no beard at all. Work may prevent you from it, you may not have the face for it, or maybe your girlfriend hates it. Sometimes a beard is simply a no-go!           

Grooming tools and how to use them 

A good beard trimmer 

For a great beard, this item should be chosen with care. A bad quality trimmer could leave your beard looking uneven, cause skin irritation, or result in you accidentally shaving off a patch of precious beard. There are loads of options on the market, but we're big fans of the Wahl Lithium Ion or the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer. These provide a good trim, have a lasting battery life, and serve enough add-ons to keep you entertained.  

beard trimmer

Beard oil 

For our big-bearded friends, this product is essential for maintaining healthy facial hair. With more hair comes greater responsibility, so beard oil will help ensure your beard is feeling soft and looking smooth. If your beard tends to develop a mind of its own when it grows out, then consider a beard salve to add a bit of hold while it conditions. We recommend products by Mammoth Beard Co. - they have a product to fit any facial hair needs! 

beard oil

Beard Lube 

To go hand-in-hand with your razor, a good shaving cream with moisturizing properties will do the trick. Beard Lube by Jack Black works perfectly for this as it is a great pre-shave lotion, shaving cream, and skin treatment all in one! 

beard lube


There are loads of great products out there that work well for different hair types, price-sensitivities, and purposes. What's most important is ensuring that you're not rushing the shaving process, and remembering to change your razor frequently so it doesn't get dull. When shaving, a good rule to follow is to start hot and end cold. A warm towel applied prior will help the shaving itself, while rinsing with cold water will close up your pores and prevent razor bumps. As with everything on this list, there are too many options to choose from, but there's a reason that people keep going back to the Gillette Fusion ProGlide – because it works!