Head to Toe: The Perfect Hair (Part 1)

Head to Toe with Stout&Co.

Let's address the elephant in the room: us guys need a bit of help guiding our fashion sense and style. Unless you're that super suave guy that seemingly has it all figured out, you've come to the right place. We at Stout&Co have started this Head to Toe series to give you some insight on how to tackle each and every aspect of looking impeccable. We did some digging and we're dying to share our tips – here we go. 

 Hair, hair, hair. It's one of the first things people notice. Your hair can make or break your style: are you that guy that just rolled out of bed, or are you that handsome devil ready to take on the world? We prefer the latter.

Time to Pick a Hairstyle 

We found some great hair trends for 2017! From embracing thinning hair to working with bed head to adding some colour, you're bound to find one that suits you: 

Go with the Flow

Think Chris Hemsworth. Something rugged, laid-back, and a bit beachy. Nothing too long, we’re not trying to bring cavemen back. Keep it above the shoulders, tuckable behind your ears, and add some texture to keep it from falling flat. This look came right off the runways in Paris and Milan – you can’t go wrong!

Add Some Edge

Get the perfect mix of hipster and rockstar with an asymmetric undercut: a great style to stand out! All it needs is a side part and some product with a soft pliable hold that adds volume! Bring the look from day to night by switching out your casual tee with a button-up; the possibilities are endless.  

Keep it Classic

Clean, soft, and classic. The pompadour is a great choice for anyone looking to impress an old-school lover. The look is seen on modern celebrity figures, such as Andrew Garfield, but dates back to legends like Elvis Presley. We won’t lie, there is a bit more upkeep with this one. A few more trips to the barber and products to tame the fly-aways are key to keeping this look fresh.

Short and Blunt

This one’s for the men who want something simple that’ll hide that thinning hair. Also seen on the runway, the blunt fringe cut keeps it short on the sides and back, with texture on the top and a straight hairline. We suggest asking your barber to keep the clippers on two, scissors on the top, and a fade in the back. Work some product into the top to add some thickness.

Tame the Bed Head

Okay, okay, we know. We said at the beginning we don’t want to resemble a guy that just rolled out of bed… but if you can keep it under control, the look is actually quite sexy. The unruly cut is great for fine hair and looks best when held with a product of medium hold.

Buzz it Off

Thinning hair? Receding hairline? Beat the race and buzz it off! Now, we all know the classic, close-to-the-scalp buzz cut, but what’s trending right now is a fluffier version. Same idea, same minimal upkeep, but a bit more volume and texture. Keep the clippers on a 2 or 3 setting to maintain some length. This look is perfect for the warmer summer months – now’s your chance!

Touch of Colour

When we say colour, we don’t mean throw a rainbow on your hair. Keep it simple, but light, by going blonde or grey. Think Kanye or Bieber. This look is a bit more adventurous, a bit more flashy, but certainly a trend. Make sure to use extra conditioning products to protect your hair and scalp from the abrasive dye! 

 That’s all for Now

We hope you got an idea or two about what to do with that head of yours! Stay tuned for part 2 to find the perfect product to achieve your killer hairstyle. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re heading out to the barber shop!