Head to Toe: The Perfect Hair (Part 2)

Now that you’ve got your cut and style picked out, it’s time to find the right product that achieves that look you want. These days, there’s a billion products designed to style hair whether it be short or long, thin or frizzy. We’ve put together a list of products to help you out:

Growth & Thickness

These are for us thin-haired fellows who want a little extra help. We recommend trying Aveda Invati Men system to give your hair follicles the kick they need to grow! Use the shampoo to exfoliate and the leave-in treatment to thicken.

To keep your fine hair in place, try Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight. It’s easy, light, and you don’t need too much! The Aveda Thickening Paste is also a great option if you want some extra volume and a matte hold.

Image Credit: http://www.aveda.co.uk/
Image Credit: https://www.uppercutdeluxe.com/

 Make it Stick

Man, there’s a ton of different types of products to keep your hair in place. The list could go on forever, so we’re just going to name a few favourites. Aesop’s Violet Leaf Hair Balm is a great one for those of us who hate the feeling of product in our hair. It’s soft, flexible, and rinses easy! It’s a great choice for our undercut lovers.

The Baxter of California Grooming Lotion is a go-to for the classics who opted for the pompadour. It offers hold while smoothing the fly-aways and fringe, leaving you with a clean, sculpted finish.

Hate the shine of product? Try a matte one! Patrick’s M1 Matte Finish Light Hold Pomade is just the fix you need to combat the shine while adding a light hold to any style.


Image Credit: www.aesop.com/
Image Credit: https://www.birchbox.com/
Image Credit: https://www.mrporter.com/

 A Couple Extra Goodies

We couldn’t leave out these last few bad boys. They just an extra step, but believe us, they’re worth it! For our long-haired lads who want to avoid looking flat, try the Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort beach texturizing spray. Super easy – apply on wet hair and out the door you go!

For the other end of the spectrum, our buzz cut buddies, we recommend the Dr Jackson’s 04 Organic Coconut Melt to add a natural shine and leave you smelling delectable!

Last but not least, our risk-takers who opted for the colour treatment: make sure to invest in a leave in conditioned like the Men-u SLIC. We don’t want to compromise a healthy head of hair just for a trend!


Image Credit: http://kevinmurphy.com.au/
Image Credit: http://www.drjackson.co.uk/
Image Credit: https://www.lookfantastic.com/


Done with Hair!

There you have it folks. All you need to know about hairstyles and products. Stay tuned for our next Head to Toes blog post – we’re one step closer to achieving that godly end goal.