Men of Stout: Peter Tran

We love connecting with Stout&Co. enthusiasts to get to know them better. Our Men of Stout keep us inspired and passionate about creating timeless shirts! We sat down with street-style genius, Peter Tran, who shared a little bit about himself with the team:

When did you first decide to dedicate your Instagram page to street style? Is it more than just a hobby? 

I first started dedicating my Instagram page to street style at the end of October/early November. I was definitely in denial for the longest time, I wanted to be that guy that was too cool to get on Instagram like everyone else. It wasn’t until I went to Vancouver last May that my friends pressured me and made me crumble. After a few months of lying dormant, I decided to really jump into it and really dedicate my time and efforts towards it - and I have no regrets!

What do you do outside of Instagram? 

I actually have an M.A. in Legal Studies and am currently working in legal publishing. It’s extremely different from the identity I put on Instagram, but my passion for research continues to be fulfilled. 

What drives you to keep creating? Do you have any cool projects on the horizon?  

I want to stay hush about upcoming projects, but I will say my drive to create is continuous. Ever since I started Instagramming seriously, my creative juices have been fully awakened. I am always on the lookout for photo opportunities, whether it be scenery or style. It doesn't hurt that my s/o is also into the industry, so I like to think that we motivate each other daily. 

Where can we find the best cup of coffee in Toronto? Best brunch? Enlighten us.  

Coffee: I’ve got to go with the place in Dundas West called Safehouse. They’re super friendly, very encouraging, and will do whatever they can to make your experience pleasant… not to mention you end up leaving with great photos! 

Brunch: Cliché, but I absolutely LOVE dim sum. I know it’s probably not what you were expecting, it's definitely not a conventional answer for an Instragammer, but it’s the truth. There’s nothing like a nice rice noodle roll!

What's your personal style ethos?  

Ha, well this is an interesting question. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with. It took me a long time to get into ripped jeans, but now I love them and wouldn’t go back. It’s honestly about the willingness to try new things. Even if you have a classic style, designers are always creating new fits, new styles, and new fabrics that will keep you contemporary.  Sometimes a specific style speaks to you, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you need that little push to make you try something, but always make sure you’re comfortable in your own shoes.

What's your favorite thing about a Stout&Co shirt? 

I love the unique style! I haven’t seen many shirts with the type of pattern on this shirt and it just spoke to me!

Big thanks to Peter for chatting with us, we can't wait to see where his style takes him next! Check back soon for our next Men of Stout with our guy Travis!