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Head to Toe part 3: Beards and how to keep them looking legendary

It's time to take a step down and move from the scalp to the beard. This Head to Toe post will touch on some classic looks, maintenance tips, and our favourite products to use. Don't have facial hair? Maybe we'll convince you to give it a try!   How to rock facial hair  While there are seemingly limitless ways to groom a beard, we'll save you the hassle and stick with the tried-and-true classics for this list.   The work appropriate beard  While beards are being seen more and more in the office, there's still a stigma surrounding their work place appropriateness. Unfortunately for our sparse beard-growers out there, this look probably isn't well-suited for you as it typically works best with a full and even base. To maintain this look you'll need to keep the neck and...

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Stout&Co Spring 2017 Trend Forecast

Winter weather is still ravaging the east coast, but that hasn't stopped us from keeping an envious eye on spring 2017 trend forecasts. Sure, we believe in building a wardrobe with timeless classic pieces (like a well-fitting dress shirt, ahem). But with key pieces as a solid foundation, it's easy to mix things up with current trends – without looking like you're on a runway.   That 70's Shirt  Apparently the 70s are back. Before you go unbuttoning your top 4 shirt buttons (please don't), we think there are ways to pay tribute to the era without bellbottoms and platforms. Try a pair of dress pants in rich rust or wine tones with a smoke grey dress shirt. Top with some...

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