Giving Back: Thalassemia & How We Help

At Stout&Co., all of our shirts are manufactured in our family-owned, ethical factory. We pay living wages, and provide our craftsmen and craftswomen with a safe, clean environment to work in because we believe there's more to style than just a good looking shirt. 

We also believe in giving back to the communities we work in. For the sale of every shirt, we donate $2 to a not-for-profit hospital in Bangladesh, where our shirts are manufactured. The hospital is specialised in treating children with the blood disorder thalassemia, an inherited disorder passed to children from both parents. It’s incurable, requiring a lifetime of medical care ranging from medication to ongoing surgeries. This care is expensive – too expensive for many families to consider, let alone sustain for many years.

12,000-15,000 children are born with thalassemia every year. The Bangladesh Thalassemia Samity sponsors the ongoing medical costs of treatment for hospitalised children – supported exclusively by donations, and this is where 100% of our donations go.

We know we can't save the world. But with every shirt manufactured, we help provide employment in a safe working environment, and with every shirt sold, you're adding a measure of assistance to children fighting for their health. Giving back and operating responsibly remain cornerstones of our business, and our lives.

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